Selina Wincott is a busy bee, but we nabbed a few minutes to ask her about her schedule, Latin dancing and why Sanctuary Cove Country Club is the place to work and work out!

Q: What do you love about being a part of the Sanctuary Cove Country Club team?
A: The calibre of SCCC is second to none. Having been at the club for a number of years in a group fitness capacity, I find the professionalism of the team and the range of what’s on offer at the club to be of excellent standard. There is always a great vibe and energy within the club and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of what we do here, getting to spend time and to share my knowledge with our awesome club members.

Q: What does your day look like?
A: Currently, teaching Reformer Pilates on Monday mornings. I get to coach, advise, assist, encourage and inspire all the lovely members that come through the Gold Coast Pilates door for the morning. I do have my thumb in a few pies though and on busier days, after lunch time, I’m a qualified masseuse and after dinner time a dance instructor.

Q: What’s your go-to work out?
A: My go-to work out has to be dance based. Having had a dance background for many years I do find the need to release and bust out into some cool moves now and then.

Q: What are you listening to while you work out?
A: I do enjoy my funky Latin beats and old school club anthems to keep me motivated when working out.

Q: Favourite place to grab a bite in Sanctuary Cove?
A: I tend to head over to Bistro 19 more often, although in the evening I enjoy the Greek atmosphere of George’s Paragon on the waterfront.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?
A: Latin dancer, teacher and performer! I started partnered Latin dancing as a teenager by mistake! I entered the wrong class at age 15 and have never looked back! I have always taught some kind of dance program over the years and originally came to SCCC as a Zumba instructor. I still teach partnered Latin dancing on the Gold Coast and perform at various Latin events. Group and private lessons are available!

Q: Coffee?
A: Yeeewww, no thanks! Give me a green or fruit tea any day, maybe a hot chocolate treat :)

Q: How do you like to spend your downtime?
A: When I do get some time to relax, I enjoy getting out in the fresh air, a beach or lake walk, maybe a gentle swim and lounge by the pool. I learn my guitar when I’m feeling patient with myself…well, I’m trying! I also like a bit of a sing song when there’s no one around.

Q: Top nutrition tips?
A: Wanna feel good about yourself?
WATER – Lots of it.
MOVE – Any which way you can throughout your day.
EAT – Good, clean, fresh is best, although treats allowed in moderation, an 8-hour consumption window is what does it for me.
SLEEP – 8 hours in bed if possible.

Q: Favourite team or athlete?
A: It has to be the England Women’s Football Team – well soccer as they say over here. Not to get anyone’s back up but didn’t they do well?!

If you want to get moving with Selina, check out one of her group fitness classes at the Sanctuary Cove Country Club or reach out to her via Gold Coast Pilates on 0499 998 786.