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Discover the latest News & Events from the Sanctuary Cove Country Club

Meet Selina Wincott

Selina Wincott is a busy bee, but we nabbed a few minutes to ask her about her schedule, Latin dancing and why Sanctuary Cove Country Club is [...]

Meet Melanie Hardy

Let’s get to know a little more about Sanctuary Cove Country Club personal trainer, Melanie Hardy. We took five with Mel to ask her about her daily [...]

Meet Elisha Hurley

Elisha is a valuable member of our team at Sanctuary Cove Country Club and always gives a cheery welcome to our members and guests. We asked Elisha [...]

5 days for $50 Reformer Pilates offer*

For a limited time, new clients of Gold Coast Pilates can enjoy 5 consecutive days of Reformer Pilates for $50* at Gold Coast Pilates. Plus, receive a free [...]

September MOVEment Challenge

September MOVEment Fitness Challenge is a fresh and fun program designed to inspire individuals of all fitness levels to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Through a focus on progressive [...]


Staying disciplined with health and fitness during the winter can be a challenge due to the colder weather / dark mornings. However, with the right mindset [...]

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